018 Franco Colon

GR Logo MarkFranco Colon comes on the podcast and talks about his dreams, his future and most of all himself.


014 Bears!

GR Logo MarkThe gloriously talented and funny Chelsea Hilend comes on the podcast to talk about bears, Jacksonville, and more… There’s also an exclusive announcement about the Jekyll n’ Hyde Rap Musical coming back to a stage near you!

P.S. I confused Anubis (jackel-headed Egyptian god) with Sobek (crocodile-headed Egyptian god), I know… I’m ashamed.

009 Mormon MoRockPera

GR Logo Mark

Grant Hinderliter, a fountain of knowledge, comes on the podcast and talks extensively about the genres of modern rock operas that we have grown to know and love. There is also a brief synopsis of the Book of Mormon.

007 Middle Cat Syndrome

GR Logo Mark

The first time Gorilla Room has featured a co-host! Darling and Michael talk to Cassandra from Savannah about the joys and tribulations of being a middle child and what it’s like to raise cats.